I’m not sure if my pet really needs to come in. What do you think?

If in doubt, you should schedule an appointment. Although we might be able to make a few educated guesses about what is wrong with your pet, there is no way to make a diagnosis without seeing him in person.

We also recommend you bring your pet in for a routine health checkup once a year. Early detection can help prevent many health problems from becoming serious.

Where are you located?

We are located very near downtown Estes Park, behind the Estes Park Brewery.

Are you accepting new patients?

We are accepting new patients and would be happy to set up an appointment for you and your pet.

Please call us at (970) 586-4703.

What kinds of animals do you treat?

We specialize in small animals of all kinds, including cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, amphibians, small mammals, and fish.

Please call us at (970) 586-4703 for more information.

Do you take after-hours emergencies?

In the event of an emergency, we can examine your pet at any time, day or night.

Please call our main number at (970) 586-4703; if it is after hours, the most current emergency number will be listed on our recording.

What are your boarding rates?

These services also come with playtime (for dogs), treats, & peanut butter kongs (dogs), all upon request. Cat treats for cats and catnip playtime for cats when available.

  • Dogs are $40 nightly ($30 for the second dog if in the same kennel).
  • Cats are $30 nightly for half a condo, but if you’d like to rent a full condo, it is $60 nightly (up to two cats in a full condo).
  • Any exotic birds are $35 nightly, smaller rodents & mammals are $25 nightly.
  • Deposits are now required.

Where can I stay in Estes Park that is dog friendly?

The Lodge at the Stanley Hotel will pamper your pooch! Dr. C is their on-call veterinarian!

How often does my cat (or dog) need shots?

Your pet should have a routine health exam once a year, regardless of whether shots are needed. (Remember, because pets age faster than we do, that’s like going to the doctor once every seven years.)

The vaccines we recommend for your pet will depend on his age, his vaccine history, and his level of exposure to other pets or to potential disease carriers. For example, a dog that is regularly boarded or groomed may benefit from having bordetella vaccines more often than other dogs.

That said, our general recommendations for adult pets are as follows.

Dogs: rabies and distemper every three years; leptospirosis and bordetella every year. We also recommend a fecal exam annually and a heartworm test every other year.

Cats: feline distemper every three years; rabies every year. (Although there is a 3-year rabies vaccine available for cats, we prefer the 1-year vaccine because it is safer.) We also recommend a fecal exam annually.

Depending on your pet’s individual needs, we might recommend other routine vaccinations and health screenings.

What shots does my kitten or puppy need?

Your kitten or puppy will need a series of shots, about a month apart, beginning at about 8 weeks old. Your pet may have already received some of these shots depending on where you acquired her.

In order to become fully immune, it is important that your pet have the entire series of shots. Please call us at (970) 586-4703 for a recommendation specific to your pet.

How much do shots cost?

It depends on which vaccinations your pet needs. Please call us at (970) 586-4703 so we can provide a recommendation specific to your pet’s needs.

Does my pet need a license?

Both dogs and cats are required by law to have rabies vaccinations every three years. Proof of vaccination is necessary to obtain a license.

If you live within Estes Park town limits, you will need a town dog tag, which we can provide for you. The cost is $5 per year for spayed or neutered animals and $15 per year for intact animals. Tags expire December 31 of each year. Cats do not need a town tag.

If you live outside town limits, you will need a Larimer County License, which are also available in our office. The cost is $12 for animals less than a year old and/or animals that are spayed or neutered. Intact animals over one year old are $35. Senior citizens over 62 may receive a discount. A county tag is optional for cats.

Do you have any discounts?

10% discounts for routine wellness exams and vaccinations are available to seniors on Tuesdays, and everyone on Wednesdays.

If you adopt a pet from a shelter, we will perform your first checkup free as our way of saying thank you for rescuing a homeless pet.

A 15% discount on dental cleanings is available during February and March.

Low cost spays and neuters, funded in part by the Pet Association of Estes Park, are available September through November.

Does my pet need heartworm or flea preventative in Estes Park?

We recommend both heartworm and flea preventative for dogs and cats between April and October, when fleas and heartworm-carrying mosquitoes are active. During the winter, it is too cold for these pests. Unfortunately, fleas are becoming more and more common in Estes Park.

My dog is scooting his rear end along my carpet! WHY?

He may have anal gland issues.