“Top Ten Signs Your Cat Is Too Fat” by David Letterman:

10. Gets winded purring
9. Instead of trying to run from dogs, sits on them
8. The Maury people call every hour
7. Ears perk up whenever you mention Wendy’s Free Fixin’s Bar
6. He used 8 lives on heart attacks
5. Cat carrier is a Ford Escort
4. Richard Simmons’ cat staged intervention
3. Can only wear cute sweaters from the Big and Tall Kitty Shop
2. Litter box so huge, it has a separate bathing section
1. Instead of “meow” he says, “mayo”

We laugh, but obesity really is one of the biggest health problems facing pets today. As pet parents, we sometimes feel guilty when Fluffy doesn’t get enough quality play or snuggle time, so we make up for it by offering food and treats. Not a good idea (deep down we know this), and recent research proves it.

A recent study by Purina that shows that a dog’s median life span can be extended 15 percent by feeding to ideal body condition through diet restriction.

Unfortunately, we’ve become so accustomed to seeing fat pets that our perception has changed. Our clients who have slim, healthy pets tell us that they are often accused of starving their pets–and their pets are at a perfectly healthy weight!

Is your pet overweight? Compare your pet to these charts by Purina: Dog Cat

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